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Flight over Alaska Range and Beach time at Jewel Lake

In early July I was out in Port Heiden for work.  On my return to Anchorage I had picture perfect flight over the Alaska range. Unfortunately the plane windows had some blue hue so my pics do as well.   

The next day was a hot Saturday so we took the boys to Jewel Lake to cool down.  While at the lake there was a party open to all.  

Random September Pictures

Here are some Pics from an autumn bike ride around Anchorage and some fishing pics from my last tour in Port Heiden.  I fished for Silver Salmon most nights I was there.

Scenes from Port Heiden July 2015

In July I spent two weeks in Port Heiden for work.  Here are some pics from Port Heiden.

Port Heiden in Early September And Anchorage

Attached are some pics from a recent work stint in Port Heiden.  I happened to be there while the silvers were running.  My flight home was pretty scenic too flying over the Alaska Range.  Also attached are some pics from the following wkd at home.  We took Ben to a beach along Turnagain Arm so he could enjoy throwing stones into the water, then on another day took him up to the Glen Alps area to check out lackluster autumn colors and allow Ben to run around someplace new for him.

Port Heiden in June

For two weeks in mid June I was in Port Heiden for work.  Attached are some photos during my tour.  One night after work during a minus low tide I went clamming and got a bucket of soft shells and cockles.

Port Heiden Part 2

More scenes of Port Heiden.

Also a map locating Port Heiden in the last attachment.

Port Heiden Tour of duty Part 1

For the last 3 weeks of September I was working in Port Heiden for the 3 rd yr in a row.  I went prepared for silver fishing and prepared to bring some home.  Unfortunately I had a lot of bad weather:hard winds and rain.

My limit of Silvers

Got my limit of silvers tonight here in Port Heiden.

From Port Heiden, AK

Here are some shots from last night.

First Silvers of the year from Port Heiden

After work last night I went to try some fishing on the North Creek just outside of Port Heiden where I am working this week.  I managed to catch about 5-6 Dollie Varden, then went upstream and caught 2 Silvers.  Apparently the first caught out of the creek this yr here.  Now I’m hearing about it from the villagers.  I have been invited to a staff BBQ tonight as the weather is awesome here this week for a change.  King Salmon on the grill!  Sounds good to me!