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Atka Alaska

In Early April of this year I had to make my second trip to Atka in the Aleutians Islands for work.  I had some mixed weather, but when the sun came out it was truly beautiful.  

Sand Point Alaska

In September I flew to Sand Point AK for a site inspection.  We had to identify and confirm the locations of residual debris/bunkers, etc. from WWII.  

Atka Pt 2

We were treated to a feast of local game (halibut, salmon cake, reindeer), plus food flown in.  Apparently the only wildlife on the islands are foxes, some rats accidentally introduced by WWII ships, reindeer that were introduced, and gazzilions of migratory birds.  One of the contractors was a biologist and a birder.  What a unique group of folks.  She was in bird counting heaven.

Atka Alaska Pt 1

In Atka, we toured around the island by 4-wheeler looking at potential  and recently completed cleanup sites of WWII origin.  The Aleutians are incredibly remote, yet I was shocked to see how much garbage that washes up on the beaches from all over the world.  The population of the village is about 64.  As a geologist it was very cool to explore the island and view the snow cover volcanoes with steaming vents.  Again I was fortunate to have excellent weather, which makes for excellent viewing.

Dutch Harbor

In April I flew to Dutch Harbor for a night on my way to Atka in the outer Aleutians to conduct another site visit for work.  I had an evening and following morning to walk around and take in the sights of Dutch Harbor.  Lots of WWII remnants and lots of modern day fishing boats, crab pots and other fishing supplies.  I swear there were so many workers there for the fishing industry from all over the world, English seemed to be the minority language as I saw Mexicans, Pacific Islanders (Malaysians, Filipinos, etc) and Ethiopians!  

Atka Alaska pics

I just returned from a four day trip to Atka. Very cool trip. Most of the time exploring.