Monthly Archives: December 2017

Gulkana River Float Part 1

During July 4th wkd a group of us set off to do a 5-day float on the Gulkana River NE of Anchorage.  The trip starts with a 3 mile crossing of Paxon Lake.  We used my 15 HP moter to get all of us across the lake to the effluent River.  Once at the river we pulled off to start fishing and as hoped, it was great fishing for grayling and rainbow trout.  I got to enjoy watching my boys casting, catching, reeling in fish over and over again.  Next I need to get them to remove the hooks out of the fish themselves.  Oh well, they’re only 5 yrs old.  Maybe next yr?  The first two days were sunny,  hot, and buggy too.  We made time to fish while we had good weather.  Then the rain came.  

T Ball Pics from June 2017

Random pics from boys playing T ball this past summer.

Red fishing on Russian River Late June 2017

On the last wkd of June my friend Frank and I went down to the Kenai R for a day float and ended up hitting the peak of the first red run (Sockeye Salmon) at the confluence of the Russian R and Kenai R.  Unfortunately my dip net was for trout, not Salmon, so it was destroyed during netting the first fish.  After that it was a challenge to scoop the fish with the broken net.  We lost many, but were able to quickly catch more.  

Beluga Cabin in June 2017

For the third wkd in June we stayed at Beluga Cabin in the Bird Campground.  One of the highlights is biking the Bird to Girdwood trail along Turnagain Arm.  Every time we go the boys ride a little further.