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My Birthday and Mothers Day wkd in May at Nancy Lake

Here are pics from mid May when we went to a public use cabin on Nancy lake for my bday/mothers day.  We went with our friends the MacMillians and enjoyed good weather, fun in the sun with some fishing and lots of canoeing.

Thur on Cape Cod

  • Breakfast at the grandparents
  • Red Maple Swamp walk
  • Capt Penimans house
  • Fuzzy caterpillars
  • Fort Hill walk
  • Ben’s red Maple tree
  • Watching Kung Foo Panda 3

Scolas Boys in Zion Pt 2

Scola Boys Reunion in Utah Part 1 SLC

Last April my bro Todd and I rendezvoused in SLC with our sons for a week.  It was our first time there since I had kids (6 yrs?).  While in SLC we made a point to see s many friends as practical.  For a couple of the days Todd and his son skied at Brighton while my boys and I did stuff around SLC to escape winter as we just left it in AK.  We als drove down to Zion for 3 nights of car camping in the warm red rock country.  The boys had a blast in the warm dry climate and enjoyed wearing shorts, touching cactus plants for the first time, playing around a cozy bug free campfire each night and playing in the warm mud along the Virgin R.