Monthly Archives: November 2016

Sheep Creek Cabin

For the second wkd in August we we headed north to Sheep Creek.  The hope was to take the boys fishing for Humpy’s.  Unfortunately the water was so high that there was no way for the boys to fish so we had to take them to nearby Caswell Lake where we canoed and let the boys make a few casts.  For dinner we drove into Talkeetna to enjoy dinner at the Denali Brewing Co.

Wasilla Train Ride

In early August during a rainy Saturday we took boys up to Wasilla to go for a all volunteer railroad ride.  Boys enjoyed it.  Then we got to climb on a real old caboose.

Russian River CG in late July

In late July we went car camping with our neighbors who have an 8 yr old son that plays well with our boys.  We found it easy to just let our boys play and let their imaginations take over.  

Site Visit to Kaltag

n Early August I had to make a site visit to confirm the existence of a Cold War era Air Force Cache along the Yukon River.  We flew into Kaltag AK, hired a local guide to take us down the Yukon R, then up a side slough for a 2.5 hr boat ride just to get to the cabin.  After hrs we had some time to walk around the village as the locals were cutting up Dog or Chum salmon.  A fish natives didnt use to harvest because they preferred King Salmon, but the Kings are gone within the last few yrs.  The unused fish wheels for Kings sit on the shore dry rotting.  The Chums are caught by set nets.  We were fortunate to have beautiful weather for our trip.