Monthly Archives: October 2016

Flight over Alaska Range and Beach time at Jewel Lake

In early July I was out in Port Heiden for work.  On my return to Anchorage I had picture perfect flight over the Alaska range. Unfortunately the plane windows had some blue hue so my pics do as well.   

The next day was a hot Saturday so we took the boys to Jewel Lake to cool down.  While at the lake there was a party open to all.  

Arctic Thunder Air Show

For the last wkd in July we stayed home so we could attend the local air show at the base I work.  The boys enjoyed all of the big planes but were disappointed that they couldn’t go for jet rides.  It was a very loud event!

Site Visit to Wales Alaska

For the  2nd wkd in July I had to travel to Wales Alaska via Nome.  I had an afternoon to explore Nome as a tourist until I flew to Wales.  Wales is a very remote and small village with a population of about 150.  Its the closest point on the American mainland to Russia, 52 miles, and yes, I could see Russia from the beach at Wales.  Wales is still so remote that they still use “honey buckets”.  Meaning no running water yet, as many of western Alaska villages.  East Diomede Island is US and Western Diomede is Russia.

First day out in the Jon boat

Bens catch

Thomas’ catch

Today’s haul of rainbow trout.