Monthly Archives: September 2015

Late August Float and Fishing on the Kenai River Part 1

For the last weekend in August I had the opportunity to go fishing with just the guys (Adam & Frank).  We left Anchorage early Fri AM, floated down from Jim’s Landing to an island just before the Kenai empties into Skilak Lake.  We camped for a couple of nights, alternated between fishing and chillin’.  Great fishing, weather, scenery and company.  A perfect trip!  We also tried out my new motor I purchased just a few days earlier.  During our first afternoon we watched the Presidential entourage (4 Ospreys and two  white capped helicopters fly overhead from Anchorage to Seward.  The river level was significantly lower than my two previous visits during this same wkd the last two years.

Sheep Creek Cabin Trip

In mid August we spent a weekend at a cabin behind Sheep Creek Lodge along Sheep Creek.  In Sheep Creek the Humpys (Pink Salmon) were in mid run, so we had excellent fishing with the boys as they took turns reeling them in.  We drove into Talkeetna one night for dinner.  Sheep Creek reminded me of the Alaska I moved to 17 years ago:  The end of the road, where drifters and road trippers gathered or passed through.  Folks looking for adventure or running away from something or someone in the lower 48.  We also spent part of one day canoeing Caswell Lake.

Hope Alaska Pt 2

Here are more pics from our camping trip to Hope in mid August.