Monthly Archives: August 2015

Scenes Around Anchorage and Beginning Hope

Attached are some pictures from the Anchorage area plus the beginning of a camping trip we did to Hope, Alaska in early August.

Scenes from Port Heiden July 2015

In July I spent two weeks in Port Heiden for work.  Here are some pics from Port Heiden.

Byers Lake for Independence Wkd Part 1

For July 4th wkd we visited Byers Lake for 4 days of biking, canoeing, hiking, etc.  Our friends stayed at one of the other cabins also on the lake.  Had nice evening views of Denali from our cabin.  Due to this years dryness bugs were negligible.  Boys got to get more canoe time.

Byers Lake Part 2

Byers Lake Pt3

We often enjoy taking a lunch and beach break in Talkeetna.  Boys gotta have some rock throwing time each day!