Monthly Archives: February 2014

Christmas Train

Here are some  pics from Christmas time, including a morning Christmas train ride, which Ben loved.  Alaska RR did a great job keeping the kids entertained the entire time.

Maui Pt 4

The last from our Maui visit last December.

Maui Pt 3

Some more from Maui

Maui Pt 2

One day we took Ben on a ride on the Sugar Cane Train that goes to/from Lahaina northward for about 6 miles.  Ben loved it!!  We spent most of our mornings on Baby Beach in Lahaina.  Perfect waveless beach for Ben.  Everyday we met locals bringing their toddlers to swim and play in the calm water.

Maui Pt 1

Immediately after Thanksgiving we went to Maui for 11 days.  We stayed on the water in the same place as the previous yr in Napilli.  Spent a lot of time in Lahaina where there was a perfecr waveless beach called baby beach.  Ben had the most fun.  I never realized there were so many trains on Maui.  Amazing what you’ll learn when your 2 yr old is infatuated with trains!  Had nonstop excellent weather.  Avoided crappy weather and darkness back home in Anchorage.

Ben’s First Halloween and Sledding

Ben’s Birthday

Here are some much overdue photos of Bens Bday last Oct 17, 2013.