Monthly Archives: September 2013

Port Heiden in Early September And Anchorage

Attached are some pics from a recent work stint in Port Heiden.  I happened to be there while the silvers were running.  My flight home was pretty scenic too flying over the Alaska Range.  Also attached are some pics from the following wkd at home.  We took Ben to a beach along Turnagain Arm so he could enjoy throwing stones into the water, then on another day took him up to the Glen Alps area to check out lackluster autumn colors and allow Ben to run around someplace new for him.

Labor Day Wkd in Talkeetna

We spent one night in a rental cabion with power and running water in Talkeetna.  We didnt have the greatest weather but that didnt seem to phase Ben.  As long as he could throw stones and do a little boating he was happy!  Ben has also taken a liking to taking pictures-mostly of his thumb.  I think he really likes the flash.

Father and Son Rafting on the Upper Kenai River

In late August while Deb was in Ore for a running race, my co-worker Mike and I took our sons, Ben 22 months, and Grayson, 3.5 yrs old, for a 3 day camping trip on the Kenai R to the junction with Skilak Lake.  We totally lucked out with the weather as we had endless sunshine.  Our biggest concern was sunburn as I didnt bring any sunscreen.  The boys had endless fun running around and playing on our beach throwing stones and running in and out of the water.  We had limited time fishing but when we did it was great for trout and dollies.  On the 3rd day we motored across Skilak lake to our finishing point.  An awesome trip!

Nuiqsut and Barrow

In mid-late August I had to travel north again to the village of Nuiqsut for a meeting and to inspect an old landfill site upstream of Nui on the Colville River.  Our guide in Nuiqsut was a village elder, who is also a whaling captin.  The villagers were prepping for their whaling season which started the next week.  We got to see a lot of their traditional whaling equipment.  Captin Edward displayed his new hand made harpoon.  From Nui I flew across the N Slope to Barrow where I had an afternoon to kill waiting for my flight bck to Anchorage.  I decided to play tourist and do some window shopping for native crafts.  The locals make all kinds of earrings from fossilized mammoth bones and whale parts.

Trout Lake Backpack

In  mid August we spent a 3 day wkd backpacking w Ben to Trout Lake Cabin on the Resurrection Trail.

Coastal Trail Biking and Work Trip to Umiat

In late July we spent an afternoon biking the Coastal Trail in Anchorage from one end to the other, then back.  In mid August I had to make a trip to the north slope of Alaska.  I flew over the Alaska Range on my way to/from Umiat and was treated to fantastic views.  Here are some of those views.