Monthly Archives: December 2012

November Pics

November has been a snow-less, cold month with temps rarely above the teens at our house.  On the wkds I have been making a point to take Ben out each day to allow him to run free in wide open spaces as our house has proven to be too small for him to safely run for long stretches.  We have had a major high pressure hanging over Anch for the whole month, hence no snow.  As a result we have had a big temp inversion creating a fata morgana- a mirage, which can affect how the surrounding mtns look.

Ben is now 13.5 months old and full of energy.  he’s ready to drag, carry, or pull anything he can.  Always busy.  He’s like an ant.  Always trying to carry something much bigger than himself.  Says “uh oh” and “no,,no” while shaking his index finger.  We head to Maui for 9 days Monday.  It will be a nice break from the constant chill here in Anch since mid Oct.