One evening we finished at a reasonable time so we went for a boat ride eastof our job site to the mouth of the Aichalik R to try some fishing.  Everyone caught a nice Grayling except me.  We were amazed to see such impressive lightning and thunder storms.

One evening after our 10 PM dinners we had a curious grizzly bear approach our camp so we all came out to yell and scream it away.
After waiting 3 days the weather cleared enough to fly me and my gear out from ANWR to Prudhoe Bay, where I spent a night before eventually getting home on a Saturday afternoon.  I flew from the east end of ANWR all the way across it to  beyond the west end into Deadhorse along the north shore.  Parts of the flight reminded me of the movie “Out of Africa” as we looked down on many flocks of migrating birds and saw the trampled grasses from huge herds of caribou.  I enjoyed flying over the many remote rivers that I hope to someday float and fish as soon as Ben is old enough.  ANWR was an awesome experience…so loaded with wildlife!  Those who call it a waste land obviously have a different perspective on life.

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