1st Cabin Trip with Ben at 9 months old

For the second week of July Deb, Ben and myself did a long wkd cabin trip to Beyers Lake, about 3 hrs north of Anchorage for two nights.  We used my raft as our ferry to haul all our gear across the lake to our rented state parks cabin.  This was Bens first time in a cabin.  Fortunately we had pretty good weather but not clear enough to see the peak of Denali from our cabin.  We did see a black bear from our cabin window.  We did a day hike around the lake pushing/carying Ben in his chariot where he was free of the bugs and could nap when he felt like it.  The first night he didnt sleep, thus we didnt either.  By 0400 he was able to sleep so we all slept late into the morning.  The second day Ben seemed more comfortable in his new surroundings.  New things to explore and try to put into his mouth.  The 2nd night I lit a fire in the wood stove and Ben was mezmorized into a calm sleep.  I think he was also warmer with the fire going.  I sweated all night on top of my sleeping bag.  After a rough start we had a great trip!

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