June 9 Halibut Fishing in Valdez Alaska

On June 8 Three of my co-workers and I left work and drove toward Valdez stopping at the Klutina R for some Sockeye (Red salmon) fishing.  Fortunately for us the reds were in so we were able to catch our limits  of reds  (3 fish) before continuing on to Valdez where we slept for about 5 hrs before meeting up with our skipper.  We took a 3 hr boat ride out by Hitchinbrook Island to fish for halibut.  Along the way we saw numerous rafts of sea otters, pods of Orca whales and floating debris possibly from Japans Tsunami over a yr ago.  The fishing was great,  we all caught halibut that was typically larger than anything I have ever caught from Homer, AK,  We each caught our limit of 2 and came home with over 40 lbs of halibut fillets.  We drove back to Anchorage late Sat PM with our double haul of fish.

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