Monthly Archives: July 2012

Back to Hanoi then home

Unfortunately the Laos portion of the trip fell through at the last minute so just as I was acclimatized to the time in Vietnam, it was time for me to make that 30 hr trip back to Anchorage….brutal!  I had spent as many days traveling to/from Vietnam as I did actually working in Vietnam, 4 days each.  Because my sleep pattern was all messed up I took the day off after I got home to spend time with the family and go climb Flattop for exercise.  For the rest of the fiscal year I will be travelling within Alaska.  Hopefully I will be allowed to offer support for the Humanitarian Assistance  Program this fall/winter.

Summer Soltice in Vietnam

The next day we started driving further north and began driving through Karst Limestone features.  Cool looking spires of unevenly weathered limestone.  Another observation was that most of the houses were long and narrow and built up as many as three stories.  Apparently real estate is expensive here.  I keep learning how much Vietnamese love their beer.  I just wish it was always served cold.

Beginning to make our way northward

Here are pics from Day 2 and 3.  Part of Day 3 was driving up the Ho Chi Minh Hwy which was once the Ho Chi Minh Trail during the American War, as its known here.  We pulled off to eat goat-not just the meaty parts!  I was the only non-native there.  I was also the only one with a pile of discarded parts that I concluded were not edible….at least to me: including fat, gristle, bones, skin, etc.  Everything is eaten!