Greetings From Hanoi Viet Nam

I am currently in Viet Nam for about a week doing more Humanitarian Assistance work.  After 30 hrs of straight travel from Anch, to Seattle, Tokyo then Hanoi, I finally reached my hotel, the Hilton opera house.  I think they were careful not to be called the Hanoi Hilton as that term was already referencing another place in the city.  Aftrer a nap I was awake at first light.  Too excited to sleep anymore.  I also knew my time here was limited as this wasnt a vacation.  At breakfast I arranged for a local driver (more like rider) to ride me around the city for 4 hours as thats all I had before II had to fly to Vinh City this afternoon.  He pushed me around on his three wheeler all around the city with stops at a few temples, govt buildings and museums.  One museum was the war museum, which was loaded with weapons captured from prospective invaders.  Didnt realize the French were here so long and at least according to the locals here, were very abusive to the natives.  I learned that the Vietnamese had been invaded/attaked by everyone for ever including the Mongols.  These folks had been fighting for their freedom forever.  Also made a stop at the Hoa Lo Prison famous for being known as the Hanoi Hilton by American prisoners during the “American” war.  Its only 10% of the original building as it was removed to make room for new buildings to fit in with the global market.  The Prison was built by the French way before the Americans were in the picture.  Made the Americans look good.  I couldnt help but notice that the vehicle of choice is the scooter -everywhere!  Traffic wasnt as bad as I thought it would be.  The old part of Hanoi is where all the shops are.  Didnt have time to explore them.  Next time?  Attached are photos of my touring Hanoi in 4 hrs.  Its hot and humid here!  I am constantly wet with sweat,  It appears everything is for sale here.  Hope to have my first Vietnamese beer tonight.

Hanoi Craig

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