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kegger at Craigs Sat May 12.  Hopefully the snow will be gone from our yard and driveway by then.  My bro will be here visiting for my 50th Bday.  We’ll have plenty of red Solo cups!  Completely kid friendly too!
We’ll have the garage plus a fire pit in the back yard.  If you can join us it would be fun!!

End of Bangladesh Bangkok and Japan

Once finished we headed back to Dhaka , enjoyed a great last dinner by our Bangladeshi coworkers, then started the 3 day journey back to Anchorage.  Jake and I had a 13 hr layover in Bangkok so I dragged Jake shopping for cheap trinkets.  I was surprised to see how much Bangkoks changed with fancy highrise buildings and first rate malls,  Fortunately for me Bangkok still has its back alley trinket sellers.

Jaflong India Border

While in Sylhet we were shut down for a day due to the Bangladesh Independence day. We caught up on paper work then for the afternoon played tourist and went to the bangladeshi “tourist trap” of Jaflong, a northern border town. The highlight is stepping across the borderline into India without passports. Indain border guards are positioned to herd Bangladeshis back to the Bangladesh side of the gravel bar.

Sylhet 1

After a week in the Mymensingh area wed rove eastward to the NE corner of the country,  In Sylhet there are numerous tea gardens where the Brits left behind a legacy of tea growing.

Mymensingh 4

More to come.
Stay tuned!
Now leaving Dhaka for Bangkok