Scenes from Mymensingh 2

Bangladesh Facts :
170 million in a country the size of the state of Iowa
The most densely populated country in the world (excluding city states such as Monaco, Singapore and Malta)
Partitioned off as East Pakistan by the Brits after WWII
Gained its own independence from Pakistan in 1971
Diarrhoea the number one killer of children followed by drowning during seasonal flooding.
Cricket is the national sport (while here Bangladesh lost by mere pts during the final match of the Asia cup. It would have been the 1st time Bang won a cup)
All Bangladeshis are offered free education through HS.
A Muslim country
No organizations that just proselytize are welcomed here-no Mormons welcomed here!
The roads are the social mecca of this country. Everyone hangs along the rds socializing or just hanging out which makes it difficult to drive through. Seems to be a risky habit. Injuries to “pedestrians are common. In fact on our 1st day here as we were driven to our hotel our driver ran over a motor cyclist.
Looking for a trash receptacle for your snack wrapper or empty pop container? Your standing in it. As my driver kept reminding me..” you’re in Bangladesh” as he motions for me to throw it out the car window.
Biggest natural resources include rice, making bricks out of all the silt and clay that make up this low lying country, and manual labor. They almost seem to go out of their way to do anything the hardest way by solely relying on back breaking labor
The national pastime is staring at any white folks they see, which outside of Dhaka is none.
This place does not offer anything for a tourist. One afternoon ( Bangladesh Independence day) we went to Jaflong in the far north near where we were staying to check out the local tourist trap. It was a gravel and dirt spit along a river that divided India from Bangladesh. We experienced where the wealthy 1% of this country go for a thrill. Indian guards were there to push folks back across the imaginary line. Naturally we all posed for pics standing in India like all the Bangladeshis. After that all the Bangys wanted to take pics of us and standing with us as we were complete freaks to them. In the two weeks of cruising across the NE part of this country we saw only 2 other white folks.
It appears that the only white folks here are representing NGOs for some charitable reason or another (WHO, Care, UNICEF, SOS, etc)

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