My First Caribou Hunt Pt 1

During the Weekend of October 21st my coworker/friend Aaron took his 13 yr old daughter and me hunting for Caribou for our first time.  I missed any opportunities to try hunting during the first opener in September as I was back east visiting family.  I was able to go in October when there was snow on the ground and zero bugs to contend with.  Aaron and I set off early one AM after climbing out of our sleeping bags in single digit temps.  For me that was the hardest part of the entire event.  We spotted a group of caribou about 400 yards off the Denali Hwy.  We walked toward them and I was able to shoot one at about 180 yards away from us with one shot.  Aaron shot one about another 200 yards away from mine.  We shot ours at about 9 AM then spent about 3 hrs on each caribou cutting them up to haul the meat bags back to the rd and our truck by sled.  Drove home back to Anchorage that Sat PM, then spent Sunday butchering our game.  We each ended up with about 110 lbs of pure hormone free red meat.  Feels good to have a freezer of healthy red meat to compliment the halibut and salmon we already harvested this past summer. We shot our caribou between point 19 and 20 on the map attached.

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