During the first week of August I was in Denver for training.  I spent a couple nights socializing with some of my oldest friends from Utah that have been living in Denver and the Saturday after I linked up with friends Dan and Barb who moved back to CO after my 1st two yrs here in AK.  Dan and Barb took me up Mt. Bierstadt, a 14,000 + foot peak.  Being from sea level in Anchorage I definitely felt the altitude.  The views were awesome from the summit.  The hike up reminded me of a pilgramage to Mecca-lots of folks along the entire trail.  I was reminded that I was in one of the lower 49 states.  While in CO I made sure to eat plenty of corn on the cobb.  Man I miss that in AK!  Also while in Denver I tried to eat as much ethnic food as I could.  In anticipation of our plans to adopt from Ethiopia I made sure to try an Ethiopian restarant.  Apparently the custom is to eat with your right hand.  No utencils.  Sounded good to me.  It was a great experience and tasted great.

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