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Cape Cod Part 1

After Labor Day Wkd Deb and I went to the Boston Area to visit our families.  The first thing I had to do (tradition) was to go clamming.  The first wkd I had to maximize my time with My bro Todd and my nephew Nick.  We had awesome weather for most of the 10 days I was at the Cape.  Attached are pics from some of the sights around the Cape and Boston.

Labor Day Wkd in Denali National Park

For Labor Day wkd Deb and I went to Denali National Park. Here are some pics from our trip.  We camped the 1st night at Riley Creek near the entrance of the park.  Day one was a day hike up Mt Healy.  That afternoon we took the bus into the park to Igloo Campground.  From there we did a day trip to Eilson Visitor and climbed a peak there.  The autumn colors were peaking.

Late August Day Float on the Matanuska River

In late August Deb was back from Seattle from her summer semester of grad school.  On her second free wkd we did a day float on the Matanuska R. from Hicks Creek to King Mtn.  Her classmate Scott joined us.  We had a very enjoyable, beautiful day of floating.  Deb got to try some rowing too.  Unfortunately the water was very low so there wasnt much in the way of waves.

Tikishla Peak

In mid August Adam and I set off for Tikishla Peak.  As we ascended we found ourselves in the clouds.  We were treated to close views of Dahl Sheep.

Eagle River Canoe

After work one day in mid August, a few current and former co-workers of mine and  I did a float down the Eagle R .  Beautiful afternoon.

From Golden CO to Seattle

Here are some shots from my trip from Golden to Seattle before reaching Anchorage.


During the first week of August I was in Denver for training.  I spent a couple nights socializing with some of my oldest friends from Utah that have been living in Denver and the Saturday after I linked up with friends Dan and Barb who moved back to CO after my 1st two yrs here in AK.  Dan and Barb took me up Mt. Bierstadt, a 14,000 + foot peak.  Being from sea level in Anchorage I definitely felt the altitude.  The views were awesome from the summit.  The hike up reminded me of a pilgramage to Mecca-lots of folks along the entire trail.  I was reminded that I was in one of the lower 49 states.  While in CO I made sure to eat plenty of corn on the cobb.  Man I miss that in AK!  Also while in Denver I tried to eat as much ethnic food as I could.  In anticipation of our plans to adopt from Ethiopia I made sure to try an Ethiopian restarant.  Apparently the custom is to eat with your right hand.  No utencils.  Sounded good to me.  It was a great experience and tasted great.