Monthly Archives: September 2011

Dipnetting and Kenai Area Scenery Plus Alaska Range Flyover

In the latter part of July I tried some guided King Salmon fishing but was skunked.  While in the Kenai area I met up with some friends to try some dipnetting for Sockeye salmon on the Kenai River.  The dipnetting was more productive.  The next week I flew to the north slope for a day of work.  I had pretty good views of Mt. Foraker, Denali and several glaciers in the Alaska Range both on the way north in the AM and southward in the PM.

Ship Lake Backpacking July 29 – 30

During the last wkd in July my friend Scott was in Ak with his wife Sarah. Scott and I did a brief overnight backpack to Ship Lake and enjoyed some beautiful weather and scenery, and enjoyed munching on some plump, ripe blueberries that were everywhere. On the way back we made a little detour to climb the wedge where we hung for a while enjoying supreme panoramic views of the Chugach Mtns…all right in our backyard.