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Mint Hut Backpack in Talkeetna Range July 15 – 17

In mid July Janet, Wally and I did a 3 day backpack into Mint Hut/Mint Glacier. Here are some pics of our trip. We did get little bits of rain while out and about.

From Port Heiden, AK

Here are some shots from last night.

First Silvers of the year from Port Heiden

After work last night I went to try some fishing on the North Creek just outside of Port Heiden where I am working this week.  I managed to catch about 5-6 Dollie Varden, then went upstream and caught 2 Silvers.  Apparently the first caught out of the creek this yr here.  Now I’m hearing about it from the villagers.  I have been invited to a staff BBQ tonight as the weather is awesome here this week for a change.  King Salmon on the grill!  Sounds good to me!

Tazlina River Pt 3

The last of our three day float that started on the Little Nelchina, to the Nelchina to the Tazlina

Nelchina to Tazlina River Pt 2

Here are some more pics from our Tazlina Trip last month.

Little Nelchina, Nelchina, Tazlina River Float Pt 1

A month ago Randy and I did a three day float putting on the Little Nelchina, floating to the Nelchina, which emptied onto Tazlina Lake. From Tazlina Lake we motored across the lake to avoid rowing 8 miles of the lake and any potential headwind to the beginning of Tazlina R.  We only had three days to do it but with the incredible perfect weather we experienced all three days it was doable in more like 2.5 days.  It was so hot and sunny that we were baked out of the tent each morning at about 5 AM so we actually suffered sleep loss.  No bugs to complain about, we always had a tail breeze so it felt like there was never a breeze so I was having flashbacks to boating in Southern Ut or the Grand Canyon.  The entire trip felt hot!!!   Good thing I remembered the sun screen!
During the trip we saw tons of wildlife-definitely an advantage of boating in AK!!  We saw black bears, grizzly bears, caribou, moose, tons of bald eagles, river otters, and a lynx that was swimming across a stretch of braided stream.  Our map was difficult to follow due to the scale so we weren’t sure where we were when we finished day 2.  We learned early day 3 when we reached the Pipeline by 1030 AM.  We reached the takeout on the Richardson Hwy by 11:30 AM so we had a leisurely and scenic drive back to Anch where it was raining.  Welcomed relief from that relentless Alaskan summer sun!
I have included maps so you can see roughly where we were.
More pics to come!

Matanuska River Day Float

During July 4th Wkd I joined a few co-workers in a day float of The Matanuska River.  It was my beta test for whitewater.  Granted it was only class III at the most.  It was fun to be rowing in some waves again.  On our float we met up with other friends who were rafting as an overnighter with three kids under three.  An inspiration to say the least.  In my boat I had 12 yr old Ryan, my co-workers son.  As per usual for boating in AK we saw tons of wildlife including a family of moose in the river and bald eagles.

Halibut Fishing out of Homer

On day 3 we went halibut fishing

Halibut Cove Homer Pt 2

More pictures from previous post.

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Halibut Cove Kachemak Bay Homer Part 1

In late June Deb had a couple weeks between semesters so we made one of the wkds a long one and drove down to Homer, then a water taxi across Kachemak Bay into Halibut Cove area.  We stayed in a yurt and went out on day trips via sea kayak.  One of our day trips was to hike a few miles into Greywenck Glacier.  We shared our beach, Right Beach, with a group of Alaskan natives participating in a native youth camp.  They were learning how to paddle seakayaks and paddle on larger boats based used by their ancestors.  We saw lots of wildlife excluding sea otters.  hmmmm.