Monthly Archives: July 2011

June Visit to Port Heiden, Alaska for work

For Summer Solstice (mid June) I was in Port Heiden for a few days of work.  I was hoping to fish for something but I was too late for Kings and too early for anything else.  My flight out of PH was a scenic one as we continued westward to Wildman Lodge, then to Port Moller, then eastward with a beach landing in Egegik before reaching King Salmon for my connection back to Anchorage.  One of the highlights was seeing a big pink spot on the beach below.  As I started staring at it I realized I was looking at a Walrus haulout.  It helps to zoom in to see the tusks!

Mid June on he Middle Kenai R

On June 11th I took my raft with my newly customized trailer to the middle part of the Kenai R to try some trout fishing on the opening day.  Learned that when you are the boat owner you do most of the rowing and less of the actual fishing.  Oh well.  It was good to test my gear and see new stretches of water.
Ben and I put in on the Lower Skilak Lake, motored to the beginning of the effluent Kenai R, floated/fished for a few hrs.  After about a half hr of not catching anything I was content to relax and enjoy the scenery.  Later that night we decided to try a midnight run on the upper Kenai and see if any Reds (Sockeye salmon) were in yet-not really.  Headed home Sunday late AM.