Monthly Archives: June 2011

Recent Work Trip to Port Heiden

Two weeks ago I made a visit to Port Heiden.  The weather was pretty bad so I didn’t get to see much.  Heres what I did get to see.


Work Trip to Barwell Is

Last week I had to make a site visit for a day to Barwell Island just outside Resurrection Bay, near Seward.  I met the helicopter pilot in Seward then flew to the island.  Spent 6 hrs on the island looking for and finding another burried underground storage tank using a metal detector.  Had some nice views and got to see some of the birds that nest and rear young on the island.

Mem day wkd

My plans for Mem day wkd fell through so I did yard work Sat and climbed Flattop, thn joined my co-worker/friend Aaron and his dad for Sun-Mon overnight Halibut fishing trip.  Unfortunately, one of the boats engines went out so we had to return after one limit.  We drove back to Anch between 1 AM and 5 AM monday.  No traffic!   Monday afternoon Deb and I climbed Peak 2.

Last week

Last week we had the hot tub delivered from our friends house.  We still need to build stairs and trench electrical conduit from the house to the deck/tub.  I figure another week of labor.  But if I dont get it done by June 12th I wont do it until Sept as the King season starts for me the 13th.