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Departing Umiat for Prudhoe Bay

On March 11th I departed Umiat after 3 weeks and headed home to Anchorage via Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay: “America’s Finest Oil Field.” I got to see our camp and project site from the air.

Last Night and Day Umiat First Tour

Here are yet more shots of Northern Lights and a fox

Umiat No. 5 More Lights

I saw the most incredible display of N. lights last night.  Of course it comes with a price.  I’m dragging this AM.  I saw a whole spectrum of colors flickering and spiraling across the sky in rapid movement.  Truly awesome!!  I captured some of the reds and violets in some of my photos.  I had to just stop and stare in amazement as I had never seen it like last night.  The brilliant colors flickering across the entire sky lasted just a few minutes.  Last night was the highlight for the trip-funwise.  Definitely one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had!

Pics from the last 24 Hrs Here in Umiat

Here are some shots from the last 24 hours here in Umiat, Alaska.

I spent some time chasing American foxes, literally.  Its -35 F here this morning.  Another day of blue skies and sunshine!

Umiat No 4

Here are some pics from the last few days.  We have had good weather so we have been very productive.  I havent seen any northern lights for a few days now.  Temps have been warm for here (between -25 and 0).  Lots of sun and blue skies.

Umiat Number 3 Northern Lights, camera, action

I got lucky last night.  The overcast skies opened up for about 20 minutes allowing me a brief op to snap a few shots before bed time.