Umiat Pics of camp and surroundings

I’m here in Umiat, AK for a 3 wk tour of field work.  Digging up PCBs.  Been here for one week already.  See Umiat Vicinity Map attached.

On my first full day, Saturday we started sampling the work area.  Had to use jack hammers to break up the frozen soil to collect.  Then in the afternoon went into “town” to dig out 2 snow machines for the BLM/USGS.  After that we drove a Tucker to the landfill site and the bank of the Colville R to have a look.  Then to a place where I was messing with Drill bits last summer.  Found the exact location, grabbed one and brought it back to camp.  Sat night we saw an incredible display of northen lights.  I took many pics with both cameras but as I downloaded them late that night I realized that I accidentally changed a setting on my camera so they were in black and white!  duh!  Its pretty difficult to handle my little digital with big bulky mittens in the dark and cold.  Hopefully we’ll see more so I can get better pics in color!  Saw some of the other guys photos.  Man, made me jealous!  So green!  Oh well.  Live and learn!
Enjoying the fitness center!  (my room for pushups and crunches).  Seems to be a good group of folks here which helps.  Lots of folks that know other former co-workers of mine from E&E days.  Its a small state!


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