Surviving the Atlanta Blizzard

Here are some photos from Atlanta before and after the blizzard.  Yesterday we drove to Cheaha State Park to bag the highest pt of Alabama.  Once at the airport in Atlanta last night I learned that many flts were canceled due to impending doom!  A storm was headed my way.  I took the MARTA (subway) back towards Dan house and once at Dans it started to snow heavily (2″/hr).  We ended up with 6 inches.  All schools closed today and tomorrow.  Huntsvile (my destinatation has been shut down too-My class canceled as most of the others are worse off than me.  I’m able to seek refuge at the Hoefers house until I can leave Wed.
This AM we shoveled Dan and Becks driveway-as Dan has the only shovels in GA apparently (holdovers from Ut).  Later today we went sledding in the neighborhood.  The kids used laundry baskets.  The adults drank beer.  I salute their survival habits!


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