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Pics from the last couple days

Here are some more pics from Wed and Thur.

Valhala Mtn Backcountry ski trip Pt 2

Here are some pics from yesterday.  It snowed during the 2000 ft accent, then broke open once we were at the top.  Had a few great runs in sunshine.  I got some vid clips of skiing that you will be able to see in a week or two on my web page:
Its been snowing daily with temps in the mid 20’s everyday-hot by AK standards.  Today we skied some nice bowls.  I only shot video.  Tomorrow a big long day!


Valhala Mtn Ski trip

The first couple days:
First we flew to Spokane, then drove from Spokane to New Denver, BC.  We stopped at White Water ski resort but we were too late to ski as the resort closed in an hr.
Sun we loaded the snow cat, rode for a couple hrs, then did avalanche drills then a very brief ski for sunset.  Beautiful views here!  Last night a few drinks and social time with our new friends.    We Alaskans were the last up last night.
Today breakfast at 0700, muster ready to ski at 0830.  Skinned up and skied down 3 times.  Once back at the lodge one of the older guys lead a yoga session.  I was totally into it.  Really helped me for tonight.  Then we all hung in the sauna (me and Adam for 4 min).  Then I downloaded my pics and everyone (the Canadian families) wanted to see my pics of AK that are on the lapttop.   Good group mof folks.  However, I’m getting tired of being asked about Sarah Palin.  Anyone with a brain can see what she is.  They dont need to ask me.  The dads are about 60 so they help slow the group which is fine for us.  Earlier tonight one of the guides asked me to show him how to operate my camera so he could take photos of ME!  So hopefully you’ll see some pics of Me tomorrow night-if Its not my turn to wash dishes.  My roomie is a slightly older guy from Ut.  He’s in oil and gas.  He;s my “buddy” as we are to buddy up for safety when we ski.
More to come later this week.

Surviving the Atlanta Blizzard

Here are some photos from Atlanta before and after the blizzard.  Yesterday we drove to Cheaha State Park to bag the highest pt of Alabama.  Once at the airport in Atlanta last night I learned that many flts were canceled due to impending doom!  A storm was headed my way.  I took the MARTA (subway) back towards Dan house and once at Dans it started to snow heavily (2″/hr).  We ended up with 6 inches.  All schools closed today and tomorrow.  Huntsvile (my destinatation has been shut down too-My class canceled as most of the others are worse off than me.  I’m able to seek refuge at the Hoefers house until I can leave Wed.
This AM we shoveled Dan and Becks driveway-as Dan has the only shovels in GA apparently (holdovers from Ut).  Later today we went sledding in the neighborhood.  The kids used laundry baskets.  The adults drank beer.  I salute their survival habits!