Monthly Archives: November 2010

Fieldwork at Barwell Island in October

In Mid October I spent a few days doing some fieldwork on Barwell Island, which was a WW II Spotlight facility to keep a lookout for those pesky Japs.  Unfortunately we experienced a lot of FOWL weather.  Since it was fall all of the birds that nest and rear on this island during the summer were gone.  However, the island was covered with a coating of very smelly birdpoop and many dead birds.  We did get some breaks with decent weather.



Last month I went to Barrow for a meeting to talk to the locals about one of my job sites on the north slope.

First Snow

We got our first measurable snow today.  About 3-4 inches in the yard.  More is predicted Thur.

Saturday Flat Top

Some pics from Flattop Saturday.  It’s winter up there!   I did it again Sunday but it was more of a whiteout-but calm!