Last night in Port Heiden

Yesterday a local shot a young wolf that had been eating villagers dogs-three of them.  The wolf was hanging around just waiting for dogs.  In this village of about 100 folks, if something happens its a matter of hours before everyone knows.  When I saw the wolf it was dead for about 2 hours.  I was at the Tribal office trying to use a phone as most of the phones in the village were down.  My Tribal contact (Gerda) asked if I wanted to see a wolf.  I stroked its fur-soft.  Pretty animal.
After work one of the “mentors” for this project (Thor) wanted to accompany me while I attempted to check out the fishing in a creek near our project site.  OK, since I dont have a vehicle I needed someone to drive me.  3rd cast WHAM!  Nice silver.  Broke my rod in half though.  I wasn’t done so I jerry rigged it and continued for another 45 min.  Caught lots of Dolly Varden (8).  I filleted the silver and we plan to grill it tonight after fishing.  A couple of the locals have offered to take me out to fish tonight.  I hope my rod lasts!  Also included are some shots as the sun set.  Got to see the green flash!

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