Utah Spring Break 2

Phase 2:
After 2 days of skiing “the Greatest snow on earth” Todd and I decided to give our aching ski legs a break and drive south to go backpacking in Escalante.  Monday was spent rouding up supplies then driving south through the Utah countryside.  SLC had grown tremendously since I was last there 7 yrs earlir.  We were relieved to see that outside of the SL-Provo Valley very little had changed.  It snowed the entire drive down.  The next three days while we hiked were sunny and got progresively warmer.  The first day we backpacked down through Little Death Hollow.  This slot canyon got so narrow that we could barely fit through with our backpacks.  At some spots there were pools of water(ice cold water) that we had to wade through.  After an afternoon of wading in the shade we finally exited the slot canyon and reached the open Horse Canyon.  We were very chilled to the core and climbed in our bags immediately after dinner.
Wed. we day hiked down Horse Canyon to the confluence with the Escalante R.  It was so sunny and warm so we decided to find a good high vantage point and soak in the sun and views.
Thur we backpacked up Horse Canyon to Wolverine Canyon where we got to enjoy more narrows of a slightly different nature.  We ended up exiting through a horizontal forest of petrified trees.  Sunny and warm.  Ahhhh!
More pics to come

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