Utah Spring Break 1

Here are some pics from my recent trip to Utah.  The 1st couple days my Bro Todd and I skied Alta and Powder Mtn on fresh powder days.  We were immediately reminded that Ut does have the greatest snow on earth!  I spent the evenings linking up with old friends.  I had a great time.  Usually when I leave AK I look forward to returning.  This trip had me thinking about how could I get back to Ut more often.  This trip made me realize how much I miss Ut skiing, the canyon country and my friends in Ut.  The weather cooperated perfectly for us with the 1st few days dumping light dry, fluffy powder.  Snowing by night, sunny by day.  Perfect!!  At Alta I got to ski West Rustler with my buddy Mark and his Fat Y Pus skis for the lst run of the day.   Very wide!  Brought back many memories. Powder Mtn hadnt changed at all.  Still tons of open terrain full of untracked powder.  Hardly any folks.
More to come soon!

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