Two weeks ago in Nuiqsut and Barrow AK

Two weeks ago I went to Nuiqsut, a small bush village along the Colvile R on the north slope of Alaska.  West of Prudhoe Bay, east of Barrow.  Its pop 350 but obviously modernized as oil and exploration outfits pass through regularly and this part of AK has lots of Oil money.  They had running water and a “hotel”.  I was there for meetings.  The temps were unseasonably warm (about 0 degrees F) so I went for some walks with co-workers.  After 2 nights there we headed to Barrow for an afternoon.  On my flt back to Anchorage sat next to Nina Kempel, former Olympian skier from AK.

  1. I was in Nuiqsut in 1984 when I was project superintendent on the Health Clinic with local workers. It doesn’t look much different now than it looked than other than the oil rigs? Quite a experience!

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