Monthly Archives: November 2009

today in the Corps

This Am I arrived at my office on Elmendorf AFB to find an email dated yesterday (Veterans day-we had it off) from our Lt Col informing us that we were welcome to see the President for a 15 min speech he was giving on base during Air Force One’s fueling stop as the President heads toward Japan.  I thought hm, that would be kinda cool to see a President.  Its not every day a President visits AK.  Then I thought, hmmm, I haven’t accrued any comp time yet and I’m going to take all of the vacation time I do have plus leave without pay to go to Maui for the week of Thanksgiving.  Then a co-worker informed me that we were encouraged to go and we are on the clock.  Bingo!  I’m in!  Beats sitting in front of a computer screen.  After approximately 4.5 hrs of sitting/standing in two different hangers, we finally got to see the President in a rather intimate setting.  I was within 50 feet for the speech and within 10 ft when he walked around to press flesh.  My co-worker got to shake hands with him.  It was a unique experience-one that I wish the schools could partake in.
Attached are some of my pics.  Also are some from a month ago before we had snow covering the ground.  My friend Tim and I tried some fly fishing on the Kenai with my new fly rod.  It was a beautiful day!