Catherines visit earlier this week

Earlier this week my sister Catherine came for a 2 day visit from HI.  She wanted to take advantage of a military hop (free flt) to AK and me not working yet.  Thur we did a rd trip down toward Seward to do a day hike up Harding Icefield Overlook.  It was approx 4 miles up with incredible views and tons of wildlife to see along the way.  First, once she arrived we had to go to Humpy’s where Catherine spent some time catching up with childhood friend Mary.
Catherine got lucky seeing moose, Mtn Goats, a black bear, and even Beluga whales as we drove back to Anchorage.  She also got to see Denali in the distance.  All in less than 24 hrs.
Tomorrow I spend my last week headed to Wonder Lake in Denali NP with the goal of photographing the autumn colors in the tundra and Denali itself.  I start my new job with the Army Corps the next Monday.  Then I’m limited to being a wkd warrior again.

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