Monthly Archives: August 2009

two wkds ago

A couple wkds ago we drove down to Seward to do the Lost Lake Race.  En route we watched the train go by a couple times-a little leap frog action.  Then we watched salmon spawning in the streams next to the road.  Finally we hung at a campground along Resurrection Bay in Seward enjoying the views.

Yesterday on Willow Creek

Yesterday I went fly fishing on Willow Creek with Wally.  We went for Rainbow Trout.

Seldovia/MacDonald Spit

Right after we returned from Oregon, we blasted down toward Seldovia via Homer to visit some friends who summer down there.  We camped on their beach.  While there we harvested Tanner Crabs from their crab pots, got oysters, went berry picking, did some day hiking and a little sea kayaking, all with perfect weather!

More from Ore

After our backpack we drove back to Walla Walla, WA to catch our flt back to Anch.  Along the way we made a stop at a shop in Tollgate Ore in the Umitilla Wilderness area.  In the shop we found numerous cast prints of Big Foot!  We didnt see any signs of Big Foot ourselves.

Recent pics from Ore

A couple weeks ago we attended a friends wedding held at Wallowa Lake in NE Ore.  The ceremony was held atop Mt. Humphrey accessible by tram only.  The weather was perfect!  A good time was had by all.  Afterwards we joined the bride and groom for a backpack trip in the Wallowa Mtns-Eagle Cap Wilderness for 4 days.  Incredible scenery!  We loved not having to worry about bears.  Since temps were about 100 degrees and we wanted to get in 12 miles on the 1st day we hired horses to carry our packs in as we day hiked to catch up to our gear.  It was worth it!
Other news:  As of today I am no longer a teacher.  I accepted a job with the Army corps of engineers here in Anchorage AK.  I start Sept 14th.
More pics to come…..