Rainbow Peak, Big Lake and Chefornak, AK

Friday July 3 Randy and I climbed Rainbow Peak.  The next few days I was working on Big Lake collecting lake samples during the July 4th wkd to determine how much polution there was from motor boats.  Similar to what I did on the Kenai R last summer.  Immediately after that I flew to Chefornak, AK way in western AK near the sea.  To get there I had to fly over the AK Range near Mt. Redoubt which happened to be steaming that day.  Ash from previous eruptions still blankets the ice fields.  I guess that will serve as an excellent marker bed.  Chefornak is a real wild Yupik village, pop 450.  No running water, no sewage.  You poop in a bucket and dump it in the landfill.  No roads, just boardwalks to keep you up out of the wet soggy tundra.  I found that permafrost was 1 ft under the veg mat.  It was a good trip and I learned a lot.

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