Monthly Archives: May 2009

May backpacking

Last weekend my friend Scott and I backpacked up into the “ballfield”, set up camp then enjoyed the views and a beautiful sunset.  Sunday we scrambled up to the top of O’Malley peak where we enjoyed dead, calm, sunny, warm weather for 1.5 hrs.  And of some views of course.  We have already bested last summers weather this past month of sunny, warm, dry weather.  It has been very nice!  Now that school ended yesterday for me I just hope the weather doesnt change for the worse now that I have time to enjoy it 7 days a week!
Off to Beluga next week for geo field work.

Canoeing the Kenai R last wkd

Last weekend 4 of us did an overnight canoe trip on the Kenai River.  Attached are some pics from our trip.

First wkd in May

Last Saturday Deb and I rode from Bird to Girdwood then back.
Last Sunday my friends Randy and Amanda climbed up them skied down Peak 4.  Fantastic weather both days!

From San Diego to Seattle

Last from our flt from San Diego to Seattle.