Monthly Archives: March 2009


Here are some shots from our recent trip to Maui.  We camped half of the time.  We also did some whale watching. Sunset from our beachside campsite, Sunset from the top of haleakala.

Here are some shots from the top of Haleakala at sunset, then a scenic drive around the south toward the SE part of Maui-toward Hana.  The south part of the island is my favorite part by far.  Its undeveloped, no tourists, no rental cars (except our bitchin’ obnoxious yellow Chevy Cobalt-which had worse turning radius than my Toyota Tacoma PU) , just a handfull of Hawaiians camping amongst tons of cattle.  It gets my imagination operating in overdrive just thinking about what all of these islands looked like before being invaded by Americans and Japanese.  Oahu must have been beautiful a hundred years ago!