Day 5 in Kona

Day 3 in Kona

Two Step Beach. Good Snorkeling, lots of tide pools, and sea turtles are 

T chasing turtles 

Some national historical monument

T and his cucaracha

Tonight’s sunset

Trying to “Blend” in again tonight 

Day 2 in Kona

After a big morning of snorkeling at Kahaulu Beach Park
Afternoon back at our Magic Sands Beach and another sunset 

Last day in Cape Cod

Today in Chatham

Went to Chatham for the afternoon. Watched fishing boats unload their haul of skate and dogfish. Bought 5 fresh lobsters off of the fisherman at the dock too. Half market price. Then hit a local favorite pub, then did a hike to a lighthouse. Finally home with the lobsters 

Whale watching out of P town

Saturday on the Cape

The Day in Boston

Duck Boat Tour of Boston & Charles River 

Fishing Kenai R to Skilak Lake this past wkd

My last fishing pass for the summer 

My week

Here are some pics from this week. Last Saturday while Deb was doing the Lost Lake race (16 mi) I took boys up Flattop, our local convenient mtn to climb. 
Next Deb and some character you might recognize at a BBQ last Sat PM
Boys after 1st week of school were then given HW Monday. So I’m attempting to teach them to stay seated and do a half hr of HW each night. 
The rest are from Monday PM and Tuesday fishing w buds on Kenai R. It was an epic day of fishing!!