Last day in Cape Cod

Today in Chatham

Went to Chatham for the afternoon. Watched fishing boats unload their haul of skate and dogfish. Bought 5 fresh lobsters off of the fisherman at the dock too. Half market price. Then hit a local favorite pub, then did a hike to a lighthouse. Finally home with the lobsters 

Whale watching out of P town

Saturday on the Cape

The Day in Boston

Duck Boat Tour of Boston & Charles River 

Fishing Kenai R to Skilak Lake this past wkd

My last fishing pass for the summer 

My week

Here are some pics from this week. Last Saturday while Deb was doing the Lost Lake race (16 mi) I took boys up Flattop, our local convenient mtn to climb. 
Next Deb and some character you might recognize at a BBQ last Sat PM
Boys after 1st week of school were then given HW Monday. So I’m attempting to teach them to stay seated and do a half hr of HW each night. 
The rest are from Monday PM and Tuesday fishing w buds on Kenai R. It was an epic day of fishing!!

This past wkd fishing on the Kenai R

This past Friday – Saturday my friends Frank & Frank & I floated the upper Kenai, camped and fished near Skilak Lake. Still a little early but were able to catch a few anyways. Will go again in a month when it should be better, assuming weather cooperates. 

Yes I improperly handled my fish. I was alone and wanted proof. 19” Rainbow 

Seward In Sept 2017

Heli Skiing Part 2

The 3rd and 4th runs were feeling great, until near the bottom of the 4th, in a narrowing gulley I came to stop and just plopped over in what Bob described as a very unspectacular fall.  I immediately felt a popping sensation in my right knee that I recognized as blowing out my knee as described by Deb when she blew her knee skiing with me 10 years ago or so.  For the rest of the run I wasn’t in any pain, just felt that I couldn’t completely control my right leg.  Once at the LZ with the rest of the group I exclaimed I was done.  I sat out while the others did another run enjoying the scenery.  The pilot took me back when he needed to refuel.  Bob was able to finish his six runs and ended up logging 18k vertical feet.  

The next week I went in for x rays and an MRI.  I completely tore my ACL and meniscus on my right leg.  Went in last Wed AM for surgery.  Now I am forced to mellow out, sitting at home watching playoff basketball and hockey.  Go Celtics and Bruins!